The Origin of Olive & Marlowe 


I began my career in September of 2010 at a stall in the Pittsburgh Public Market selling olive oils and balsamic vinegars for another small business. It was the perfect part-time gig for a mom with a new baby; I could work when my husband wasn't, or tote baby Olive to work on my back. The following year I purchased the business from its original owners and set to work finding a storefront space to expand my product offerings and hours of operation. The business did so well in the Public Market that I was able to, after the birth of our second daughter, Marlowe, in 2013, open up a store in East Liberty, a neighborhood rife with excellent restaurants and residents who know and love great food. Having a brick-and-mortar shop also made it easier for me to have my children at work with me so I could enjoy the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom and simultaneously work full-time and grow the business I'd been in since its infancy. We've since welcomed one more member to our family, Tulpen (German for tulips), in 2016, and closed the storefront in May of 2018, allowing for more flexibility and time with my family. I now operate primarily online but the products can be found at select businesses in and around Pittsburgh.

A Passion for Quality & Education

I've traveled to California numerous times since owning the business to attend olive oil sensory courses at UC Davis' Olive Center, where I've learned how to differentiate between olive varietals, detect defects, and a wealth of information about chemistry makeup, nutrients and health benefits, effects of storage conditions, and how to best enjoy different oils with foods. My goal is to provide my customers not only with the best olive oils I can get from small, domestic-only producers, but to provide them a thorough education of the products I carry.